We are a Russian producer of plant protein foods which we make using our own technology. Our products are identical in taste, texture and appearance to usual meat products. Manufacturing our delicacies, we take care of our customers’ health and the future of our planet. Using a healthy alternative to meat reduces the risk of various diseases and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our products are fully natural, carefully made out of vegetables, oil and spices.
Using alternative meat is a lifestyle that shows that you care about your own and your children’s future. In our work, we follow five guiding principles:
In order to reproduce the taste and the appearance of traditional meat, but at the same time offer a more healthy alternative meat, our specialists designed unique recipes. They used cutting-edge technology to create plant-based meat and make it available to everybody on store shelves and restaurant menus.
Conscious consumption
We only use natural foods to produce our alternative meat. Alternative meat production is ethical and does not harm animals.

Also, while one part of mankind consumes an excessive amount of food, discarding some of it as waste, half a billion people are starving around the world. In some parts of the world, there is no opportunity and no resources to create animal farms and processing plants, so many scientists and philanthropists think that plant-based meat is the only solution.

We support conscious consumption for the future of our children in a healthy world.
Health and longevity
Eating plant protein meat improves one’s overall health and reduces the risk of various diseases – cardiac conditions, colorectal cancer, atherosclerosis – and reduces subcutaneous fat. Our products help lower the level of “bad” cholesterol, improve your mood and improve the overall condition of your skin.
Thinking about the future
Making food with plant protein is more environment-friendly than traditional meat production.

It reduces:
  • Greenhouse gas emissions by 90%
  • Carbon dioxide
It requires:
  • 46% less energy
  • 93% less space
  • 99% less water
We make our Nye Nyaso products at local factories, using local materials. This is why we can offer a quality product at a lower price than imported analogs, so every person who wants to pursue a healthy lifestyle and who cares about the future of our planet could give Nye Myaso a try.